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PHOTO: LogworldVSE Corporation was established in 1959, and has evolved along with US government and military needs. Today, VSE is a broadly diversified company focused on creating, sustaining, and improving the systems, equipment, and processes of government through core competencies in legacy systems sustainment, obsolescence management, prototyping, reverse engineering, technology insertion, supply chain management, foreign military sales, management consulting, and process improvement.

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Federal agencies frequently require logistics management services and related products to manage material and other resources to meet their mission in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner. It is the goal of this solicitation to help agencies utilize the latest value chain and distribution concepts, methodologies and technologies to achieve efficient logistics operations that result in improved customer service. Contracts under this Schedule are subject to the Service Contract Act of 1965, and all contractors are required to comply with prevailing wage determinations as issued by the Department of Labor. The following are examples of tasks that may be performed under each Special Item Number (SIN). These are examples only and are not meant to exclude or limit services performed under this Federal Supply Schedule.

Services under this Schedule are designed to support agencies in meeting their logistics requirements. See the links above for a more detailed Special Item Number (SIN) description.

Services Outside Scope of Contract
Construction and Architect/Engineering services as set forth in FAR Part 36 are outside the scope of LOGWORLD (including construction, alteration or repair of buildings, structures, or other real property). Offerors interested in providing these services may contact GSA’s Public Buildings Service (PBS) for additional information.

Support Provided by the Government
Contractors shall have access within reasonable limits to: a) Government publications; archival materials; videotape; film, photo and graphic art repositories; and governmental employees as are necessary and appropriate to satisfy the contractor’s information requirements in completing project work.

b) Managers and employees within agencies where work is being performed, that are essential to carrying out contractual obligations; one or more subject-matter experts to advise and assist the contractor with respect to technical aspects or operating systems selected for training or quality and productivity improvement; physical support for carrying out work, such as room space, utilities drawn from existing sources, currently available instructional equipment such as computer terminals and audiovisual display devices when such use does not conflict with the controlling organizations’ operational Schedule.

c) Technical reference material not subject to Privacy Act restrictions.

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